Meet Christina


Christina grew up in Tennessee as the daughter of an Army soldier turned long-haul truck driver and a real estate agent. About a decade ago, she moved to Alaska when her husband found work here. She lives in North Pole with her husband Tristin and her lovable dog Bazinga. Christina studied psychology, early child hood education, and social services at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She not only appreciates education, but the trades too. Tristin is a combat veteran and a firefighter while she has a commercial driver's license. She is usually a contract worker, but decided not to pick up work this season. Since Christina is not currently working, she has the ability to focus all of her time and attention to you and your concerns about North Pole and Alaska. If you happen to see her in town, stop her and share your thoughts about any issues that concern you. She would love to hear from you.

Why Is She Running?

As a homeowner in North Pole, Christina has an interest in her community and neighbors. As many of those that reside in North Pole, she does not feel that she is being correctly represented by the current House Representative of this district. Christina wants your voice to be heard in Juneau. Right now, Alaska is in a crisis and the current representative has caused more issues and obstacles than she has solved. The people of North Pole deserve someone that will listen to reason and her constituents. The people of North Pole do not deserve to have their health, jobs, and future to be put on the chopping block.